Concrete Kibbles


Specifications: Capacity 1.0 cubic meter. 3000kg load. Weight 320kg.

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Elevate Your Concrete Game with Versatile Kibbles: Mastery in Every Pour

Say goodbye to concrete pouring woes. Introducing your new allies – versatile concrete kibbles, designed to conquer placement challenges and revolutionise your workflow. These heavy-duty champions come in three sizes (0.5, 1.0, and 1.5 cubic meters) to seamlessly adapt to any project, from small footings to sprawling foundations.

Flexibility reigns supreme, thanks to the adjustable chute. Effortlessly direct the concrete flow downward or sideways, reaching even the trickiest corners with surgical precision. Spills have become a thing of the past, while efficiency reaches new heights – it’s pouring perfection, redefined.

Ditch the backache and manual drudgery. Integrated fork pockets transform these kibbles into mobile powerhouses, effortlessly gliding from mixer to pour site. Reduce risk, boost productivity, and watch your crew’s morale soar. No more heavy lifting, just smooth, efficient concrete delivery.

Craving for even more control? We’ve got you covered. Our Kibble Tray provides a stable platform for precise pours, while the Concrete Funnel guarantees mess-free transfers. For ultimate ease, hydraulic versions are also available, taking the work out of every pour.

Concrete kibbles aren’t just containers – they’re game changers. They’re your ticket to unmatched versatility, effortless manoeuvrability, and pinpoint precision. Experience the difference and master the pour with every project.

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