Metal & PVC Pipe Lifter

If you regularly move pipes, conduits and other lengths, you know how difficult it can be without the proper equipment. The weight force and distribution of lengthy freight make them complex to load and unload, and handling them incorrectly can lead to damages or injury. That’s where vacuum pipe lifters come in. They work by creating a vacuum between the pipe surface and the gripper seal then using the hoisting equipment the pipe can be safely lifted and placed into position. Vacuum lifters come with many benefits. They can dramatically reduce downtime between lifts, be installed in places humans cannot easily access, and even identify unsafe lifting environments. Most importantly, they ensure your workers are at far less risk of injury. For handling pipes and other lengths, a pipe lifter uses vacuum, removing the need for attaching chains, hooks or slings which is a time-consuming and often unsafe process. Depending on the size and scope of your operation, the cost of a vacuum pipe lifter is offset in around six months, when taking into consideration reduced labour wages, fewer damaged items and the increased handling capacity. At MHS, we are the official WA dealer of vacuum pipe and concrete lifters from leading manufacturers Schmalz and Vacuworx. The Vacuworx range includes pipe lifters designed for a wide variety of applications, from small, lightweight lifting solutions through to high capacity multi-tonnage systems. AMC Series vacuum lifters can lift steel, poly and concrete pipe as well as flat plate and concrete slabs, while the workhorse RC Series can lift materials from 10-25 tonnes and offers wireless remote operation. Many lifters are versatile and can be attached to other machinery, including excavators, cranes, loaders and forklift attachments. Vacuworx products meet if not exceed global engineering and safety standards, including Australian standards AS 4991. If you need a highly specific or complex vacuum lifting solution, let us help you build it. Not sure what you need? MHS has over 25 years of experience in providing the highest quality handling solutions to Western Australia. We’ll design and implement a system that is best suited to your unique business needs, saving you money and ensuring your employees are looked after.

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