Scissor Lift Table

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An electric scissor lift table is a valuable tool for anyone looking to improve safety and ergonomics. By raising products to a comfortable working height, a lift table can help reduce worker fatigue, help prevent injuries and improve productivity. The scissor lift table allows workers to maintain a comfortable working posture, reducing fatigue and the risk of MSD type injuries. By eliminating the need to bend or lift heavy objects, the lift table can help to increase productivity and efficiency. These lift tables are powered by a three-phase motor, providing smooth and powerful lifting action. However, some can be fitted with a single phase motor as an option. Table lifting capacities from 1000kg to 4000kg: Available in a variety of platform sizes to accommodate different products and applications. If our standard sizes or features are not what you need, we can get an electric lift table built to suit your specific requirements.

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SLR023 – Scissor Lift Table

SLR025 – Scissor Lift Table

SLR026 – Scissor Lift Table

SLR027 – Scissor Lift Table

SLR061 – Scissor Lift Table

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