Load Skates

In the tight spaces of industrial facilities, where every inch counts, traditional cranes can be clunky giants. But fear not, for there’s a hero on the scene: the industrial load skates.

These robust marvels of engineering tackle the toughest loads – think gargantuan machines and prefabricated buildings – with ease, boasting unwavering strength that often exceeds a staggering 60 tonnes. And forget cramped ceilings, as their low-profile design glides smoothly under even the most restrictive overhead space.

But power isn’t everything. When it comes to colossal payloads, precision meets power with optional turntables and positioning handles. Operators can guide multi-tonne giants with remarkable finesse, inch by inch, into their perfect spot.

At MHS we’re your load skate powerhouse. Offering a comprehensive selection of top brands like Pacific Hoists, we guarantee the perfect match for your needs, from steel beams to delicate equipment.

Beyond mere muscle, load skates bring enduring value. They boost safety by eliminating crane mishaps, drive efficiency with rapid, precise movement, and save you money compared to frequent crane rentals. Plus, built for the industrial grind, they’re durable and reliable, offering lasting value with minimal fuss.

So, ditch the limitations of cranes and embrace the power of mobility. Industrial load skates aren’t just a replacement, they’re a strategic advantage. Partner with MHS, tap into our expertise and unlock the full potential of your workshop. Let’s conquer those heavy-duty challenges together, with the silent strength of industrial load skates!

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